PlaXhunterTM, your plagiarism hunting software

PlaXhunter provides an easy and efficient way of detecting documents that contain potentially plagiarised parts from already published documents. Students, researchers, scientists and others can easily upload their academic papers, bachelor's thesis, master's thesis, doctoral thesis (dissertation) and other papers and documents.


PlaXhunter Editions and Deployment Options

PlaXhunter Free Online Community Edition

PlaXhunter Community Edition is the free version of our enterprise PlaXhunter product, the state of the art plagiarism detection tool. This reduced functionality version has just 20% of the features of the enterprise edition and is perfect for individual writers.

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PlaXhunter On-Site Deployed Instance

PlaXhunter On-Site Instance is one deployment option of the enterprise version of PlaXhunter. We understand that larger organizations such as universities may prefer to maintain full control of their student documents. Hence, the On-Site version of PlaXhunter™. Now you can control your student information 100%. Contact us if you prefer to have PlaXhunter installed on your Local Area Network.

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PlaXhunter On-Demand Cloud Instance

PlaXhunter On-Demand Cloud Instance is another deployment option of the enterprise version of PlaXhunter. Often times hardware costs and shortage of technical staff might render a local installation less feasible. We therefore offer the on-demand dedicated cloud instance of PlaXhunter™ for your school, university or business. You will still have full control of your information. Contact us if you prefer a PlaXhunter instance in the cloud

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The ultimate plagiarism hunting software.


Uploading and scanning

As soon as a document is uploaded, PlaXhunter automatically scans the submitted document against all other documents already available in the university database, as well as tens of billions of documents(indexed from the general internet) to detect and reveal potentially plagiarized text.

Side-by-side matching

After every plagiarism scan, the similarity report allows the user to compare the master document against any matching document through a side by side scroll-able user interface.

Localized data store

PlaXhunter allows power users such as professors to create a localized database of documents to run scans against.Perfect if you want to limit the scope of the plagiarism scan.


After every scan PlaXhunter will display a report containing some statistics, including how many matching words were detected and what the plagiarism percentage is.


PlaXhunter provides role-based security. Only certain individuals will be able to access certain advanced features, such as database creation or category creation.

Continuous indexing

Every document that is uploaded to PlaXhunter will be automatically indexed. This means that the comparison base will be growing gradually.